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Silex supplies reliable, long life products, for goods, which are all designed for 15+ years of lifetime. The company’s philosophy is selling confidence much more than just selling products and services. This has been Silex’s key success factor in the past and it remains also in the future.

We are proud member of the 2017 Busworld's SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY LABEL group!

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Products & systems

Operational Assurrance

No more difficulties with the maintenance of the electronic control elements! Silex assures that all electronic elements of the vehicle work together according to the requirements. As the designer and the manufacturer of the vehicle’s electronic components and the electric axle, Silex provides system collaboration warrantee, even for third party components, to assure the proper work of the complete system.

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State of the art design based on the proven technology is the fundament of a sound product. Silex designs and manufactures reliable products and systems to support the customer’s competitive advantage. We build long term relationship with our customers, selling confidence much more than just selling products and services. — József Rück – MD, Silex


Customers say, Silex is as a reliable, cooperative partner. This opinion is based on the engineering knowledge and the experience of the company, as well as the flexible and helpful attitude of the management.

Silex has 25+ years of experience in different civil and military vehicle applications, industry automation, airport automation. The first CAN systems developed by Silex go back to the mid 90-ies, when this technology has just emerged. Utilising the experience gathered in different projects, Silex CAN systems have reached high reliability, a near to zero defect rate even in harsh environmental conditions.

Silex equipments have been reliably used for nearly 20 years in civil / military airport control systems. The units are nowadays too in a 24/7 service, at close to zero defect rate. Silex has always been very cooperative both in technical and in business issues. — Dr. Árpád Gecse – TeGe Elektronic (Maintenance operator of NATO and Hungarian Air Force air bases)
Silex has automated many, special purpose, airport ground service vehicles (tarmac cleaners, de-icers, sweepers, passenger stairways, corridors, etc), which have been used in the everyday operation of Budapest, Ferihegy Airport. Silex has always been a reliable partner; the operation of the airport has never been hindered by a Silex system. — György Mester – ground service vehicle manager, Budapest Airport
Budapest Transport Company operates nearly 1000+ buses in Budapest, carrying daily 2+ million passengers by buses. Silex bus control systems have been used both in new vehicles of different manufacturers, and in refurbished buses, operating in an even harsher environment. Silex bus controls work reliably, thus we have full confidence both in the control systems as well as in the company. — László Szedlmajer – deputy CEO Budapest Transport Company
Raba is Hungary’s key supplier both in commercial vehicles and military trucks. Silex has been a long term partner for both of our divisions. Silex’s CAN control systems have been reliably working in S91 midi buses, both in Hungary and in several European countries, like Sweden and Norway). Silex’s tire inflation systems are used is military trucks. These vehicles have been successfully used in the Hungarian Army’s peace keeping operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. Silex has been a key electronic supplier for Raba and is planned to be in the future as well. — János Torma – managing director Raba Vehicle Company
— Balázs Major – division leader, military vehicles Raba Vehicle Company

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