Maximum reliability on minimum cost to reduce the vehicle’s TCO to the minimum level

Maximum reliability on minimum cost to reduce the vehicle’s TCO to the minimum level

Silex CAN ECUs are optimized to meet the buses’ or other vehicles’ requirements at minimum cost and maximum reliability. They work as slaves under any of Silex’s instrument clusters / dashboard, but they can run own programs as well (e.g. opening the front door when the bus is in sleep mode). As the cost of a vehicle out of use is much higher than the cost of the prevention of the defect of the CAN system elements, Silex has taken special care on the reliability of the components.

25+ years of experience in CAN system design – high reliability, near to zero defect rate

Silex’s first CAN systems go back to the mid 90-ies, when this technology has just emerged. Utilizing the experience, Silex has gathered in this 25+ years in different civil and military vehicle applications, industry automation, airport automation, Silex CAN systems have reached high reliability, a near to zero defect rate even in harsh environmental conditions.

All digital outputs are protected against:

  • overload
  • over-voltage
  • over-temperature
  • ESD

to reduce the probability of a defect output to a possible minimum.

SCP-5 node SCP-5 node


The 3 members of Silex’s CAN ECU I/O module family

Negative logic digital inputs
24 - -
Universal digital inputs (high -middle-low tri-state, supply voltage relative)
- 32 16
General purpose inputs (0-5 /10 V analog, temperature sensor, frequency, digital negative or positive logic, etc.)
8 - -
Analog inputs – (0-5 V, absolute or supply voltage relative, temperature sensor, frequency, etc.)
- 8 4 or 8
Digital, high-side outputs, 1 A / channel
28 24 9
Digital, high-side outputs, 3 A /channel
- 6 1
Digital, high-side outputs, 10 A /channel
- 2 -
Digital, low-side outputs, -3 A / channel
- 2 -
Digital, half-bridge outputs ± 1A
4 - -
Digital, half-bridge outputs ± 3A
- 2 2
IP 20 IP 20* IP 20*
Ambient temperature range
-40...+60C -40...+60C** -40...+60C**
* Options available for higher protection grade
** Options available for higher temperature ranges

Analog inputs – as you define at order.

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