System controller

Control of all safety critical parts of the vehicle

System controller is the core of Silex’s integrated, vehicle wide electronic system, which serves as:

  • Electric axle’s controller (for the electric drives, electronic differential, etc.)
  • Interface to the brake electronics (Knorr or Wabco)
  • Interface to the steering system
  • Controller of the critical front and rare lamps (headlight / brakes)
  • Interface to the door system (in case of buses)

The above functions cover all safety critical topics in a commercial vehicle. The system as a whole will be provided with ISO 26 262:2018 qualification, which:

  • saves valuable engineering time and costs for the vehicle manufacturer
  • speeds-up time to market

Moreover, the system controller may run also user specific programs, which can be elaborated by the customers too. This part may cover all vehicle related specific functions (internal, external lamps, HVAC, battery management, passenger information, ticketing, fleet management, etc.). The software architecture of the system controller assures that the ISO 26 262:2018 qualification is not affected by any user software, in other words user software does not have to be qualified in order to maintain ISO 26 262:2018 qualification.

Benefits of the vehicle-wide system controller concept are:

  • it saves unnecessary hardware and software components
  • less components result increased overall system reliability and lower costs
  • it helps user software designer to elaborate his/her software easier and faster, since software developer sees a vehicle-wide software interface for all units, involved in safety critical tasks.

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